• PSC Medical Day

Healthy Kid-Friendly Meals & Snacks Provided

At PSC Medical Day at Danville, breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided. Our team is ServSafe certified, and our menus follow guidelines provided by the USDA and the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. PSC’s Regional Registered Dietitian provides direction and oversight to create these well-balanced meals and snacks. The staff incorporates the menus with themed calendar activities, enriching the experience for the children and families. All menus are adapted to the individual child's needs and restrictions. These accommodations address chewing and swallowing limitations, texture sensitivity, and allergies. During the enrollment assessment process, your child's needs will be carefully discussed, and together we will develop an individual care plan. Parents/guardians are welcome to send in meals and/or snacks prepared at home. At PSC Medical Day, we strive to be a
dependable resource for parents/guardians, while offering skilled nursing in a safe and
nurturing environment. Ensuring the best customized care during meals and the healthiest nutrition possible is just one of the many ways our team delivers the "The help you need, and the care they deserve".

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